Terms of Business – Interco Management Services

Initial Conference

For phone advice and for an Initial meeting we make no charge.

Project Assignments

Consultancy Assistance, and Company Closure assignments are normally quoted individually, with a default minimum charge of £3,000.

Specialist Tasks

Work to realise money by sale of assets and stock or by the mortgage of assets, or collection of book debts, is separately charged as an addition to project engagement and assignment fees. Standard Terms are a task administration charge of £2,500 plus 20% of the first £50,000 gross collections, or sale value, and thereafter 15%, however, these percentages may be modified on a case by case basis and, if so, this will be confirmed in writing.

Once Interco has been contracted by its client for tasks of realisation, fund raising or book debts collection, the above charges apply to all related receipts with effect from date of its being contracted, whether receipt is achieved directly by Interco, or by our client, or by any third party.


Fees for arranging investment or loans through a qualified and licenced broker are 2.5% of the sum lent or invested with a minimum charge of £5,000.


The Default charges stated will apply unless they have been replaced by a different specified fees agreement signed by Interco with its client.

All sums quoted are before any applicable VAT.


Clients are advised of the web address for these terms in the process of confirming engagement and are invited, please, to ask for any clarifications, or, if they wish, make any counter proposals.



Interco Management Services Limited
Head Office, Bromley Lane, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6LH


Telephone – 0345 017 9773

E-mail – consult@interco.com

Consultancy Support

Want help agreeing contract terms…and managing the implementation of a key assignment or project?

Insolvency Rescue?

Need urgent expert advice or help ? Our Insolvency Solutions company defends, protects, liquidates and can restart your business as successful new Phoenix company

Skype Support for Key Decision Making

Confer on line via Skype or BT. Consult, negotiate, troubleshoot and reach decisions.