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Interco Management Services Limited (Interco) provides experienced consultancy advice and active management assistance for the owners of small firms and for directors of larger companies.

Consultancy Tasks

These include financial control, consigliere roles, mentoring and brainstorming, contract drafting and negotiation, executive representation and the chairing of meetings.  Where needed Interco also takes a Project Director role – assembling task-teams to achieve particular business goals.

The scope of past work has been wide – from a running retainer to advise and brainstorm, through one off meeting attendances, or contract negotiations, to managing of an extended project to diversify the current business in a new direction.

On-Line or Present

Work with clients may be on their premises, our own, or at business centres. Although physical attendance is sometimes essential to the kind of support needed, efficiency can often be furthered by using email, Skype video calls and on-line conferencing. This also facilitates a “draw down” approach when providing clients with a consigliere form of support.

Interco Principal

Interco’s Director, Michael O’Connor, has a strong day-to-day involvement in all client action. In his 60’s, he is a Cambridge M.A , trained in technology as well as business and has 40 years experience working for multinationals, in small businesses and with business schools. He specialises in financial control, management of change and growth, solvency, mediation and strategic development. Michael’s approach is collaborative and complementary; he aims to help owners and managers survive and succeed by realising their own capabilities; he places a high value on pragmatic solutions, humour and commonsense !

Insolvency Rescue

An associated Interco company - Interco Insolvency Solutions - defends companies in difficulty against threats, protects directors from personal liability, manages company closures, administrations and liquidations and – where appropriate – can re-start a client’s business as a legal Phoenix, with seamless customer continuance and fresh funding.  

Free Discussion

Feel free to ring and investigate. You can then talk through your present situation, needs, priorities, dilemmas and future plans in confidence, free of charge and with no implied obligation. If it seems mutually desirable, we can then fix an initial face to face meeting.  


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